About John

  • John Loves People

    John cut his teeth as a wedding photographer out of art school. He shot about 500 weddings in eight years, which is a lot. John says all the myths about photographing weddings are false; Its a lot of fun, Brides aren't crazy, it isn't stressful, and he even plans to continue doing it until he's too old to chase limos.

  • John has kids

    John has a lot of kids. Probably more than you do, because its a contest. Don't ask John about his kids or you'll hear about them for the rest of the day. Its like a wine bottle, if you open it, it tends to keep being poured.

  • John loves to build things

    John builds things because he gets bored, and because its the only way to figure out if an idea won't work. John also likes to take pictures, but given the nature of this website, this information is redundant.

  • John Loves Questions

    Don't be shy. Whether you want to talk about an upcoming project, or just get some information for a crazy idea that may never see the light of day, give John a shout. Be warned, he tends to talk a lot.