Feb 1

New Lens Motor

Posted By: John , Camera plus Robot


Our new lens motor arrived today, replacing the old open-loop model. This bad boy is outfitted with the same encoders as the rest of the system, bringing the entire project to closed-loop specs. Its also hella strong, and can muscle through the grumpiest of old grimy lenses.

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Dec 12

4 axis test

Posted By: John , Camera plus Robot

Installed the mark 1 focus motor and gave it a whirl. I'm really happy, as this is our first successful test of 4 axes of movement, with some arbitrary focus marks chosen at both ends of the barrel. This lens is kind of a wimp regarding torque though, and I don't think its a good analog for some of the beefier cine lenses I want to be able to use. We'll probably replace it with something a little more macho.
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