About Phineas

Phineas is a 7-axis robot arm with a top composite speed of 7 m/s. Stand back. At low speeds he's quiet enough to roll sound. His reach is a little longer than a human arm, and he runs on 220v single phase or 208v 3 phase. He can carry any camera up to 7kg. He comes with his own focus motor. Phineas is small, and can sit on a mitchell mount without complaining. Although to achieve top speed he should be anchored to something heavy, like our sled.

Motion Control for your project

Add compelling effects to your project without miles of post production. Properly executed motion control requires very little post production to achieve its effect. Often, the finished effects can be rendered by a compositor before the robot is put away. This allows precision adjustments to be made on set, without guess work.

Who are we?

We started Robot Factory in 2012, because we love to build things. No project is to big or small for a little Mo-Co. By keeping a small footprint and limiting power consumption to a single 110v circuit, our first prototype moves in and out of locations like any similarly sized piece of kit.

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